XIKOO new water evaporative industrial air conditioner with compressor

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  • Brand Name: XIKOO
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Certification: CE,EMC,LVD,ROHS,SASO
  • OEM/ODM Availability: Yes
  • Delivery Time: Ship in 15 days after payment
  • Start Port : Guangzhou,Shenzhen
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    water evaporative air conditioner is also called low consumption air conditioner and Evaporative condensing air conditioning. It combined working method of water cooling, air cooling and compressor. Firstly, the external machine cool the circulating water through cooling pad water evaporative. After the water temperature drops to normal, it flows through the heat exchange system of the internal machine (at this time, the compressor Has been operated, the refrigerant has been compressed into a high temperature and high pressure state), which takes away most of the heat of the high temperature refrigerant to form a normal temperature refrigerant. The normal temperature refrigerant is throttled by the expansion valve and becomes low temperature and low pressure refrigerant, which is transported to the evaporator of the internal machine to blows out cold wind;

    The circulating water that has cooled the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant is transported to outdoor unit by a water pump. At the same time, it flows through the evaporative cooling pad, thereby turning the high-temperature water into normal temperature water and flowing through the room again. The machine cools down the refrigerant under high temperature and high pressure, and continuously circulates the operation to maximize the energy efficiency ratio, thereby reducing energy consumption.


    Evaporative power-saving air-conditioning unit is composed of compressor, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator, cooling pad and so on.


    Water evaporative industrial low consumption air conditioner parameter:

    water evaporative industrial air conditioner
    Model SYL-ZL-16 Cool water flow(m3/h) 3.8
    Rated Voltage 380V~50Hz Cool water pipe diameter DN25
    Refrigerating capacity 33.5 kW pipe air delivery 20-30M
    Energy consumption 4.6 kW Max. airflow(m3/h) 6500
    COP 4.39 Allowed overpressure of side exhaust/suction 2.8 MPa/1.5MPa
    Rated current 11 A Allowed pressure of Max./Min 2.8 MPa/1.5MPa
    Rated power 4.6 kW Noise 65dB(A)
    Maximum operating voltage 13A Refrigerant type/dosage R22/3500g
    Maximum operating power 6.5kW Dimension 1180*740*680mm
    Rated cooler water Tem. returned/ out 32℃/37℃ Weight 160 kg


    Features of water evaporative air conditioner:

    1.Energy-saving electricity-saving

    Electricity consumption is 5kw/h to cool a 200 square meter space, it just is 1/4 energy consumption of traditional air conditioner. No need for external copper pipe, lower cost.

    2. Bigger airflow and bring purified cool air. Cool the air down more quickly, and the cooling efficiency is higher.


    3. longer cool air delivery and bigger area to cover


    4 Cool the air fast, Decrease temperature quickly.


    5. Widely application, one piece can cover 200M2, suitable for  product exhibition halls, school canteens, restaurants, workshops and workshops, exhibitions, farm and other places.

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