Xikoo Industry Environmental Protection Air Cooler Workshop Cooling Scheme Design Precautions

The actual cooling effect is very much related to the design of the installation of industry air cooler. In the design of industry air cooler plant cooling scheme, you must understand how to calculate the number of air changes in the workshop and how to install suitable evaporative industry air cooler in the workshop. Total number, output power, convection of hot and cold air, etc., or whether the workshop needs partial station cooling or overall cooling. Xikoo environmental protection evaporative industry air cooler cools down based on the basic principle of ‘water evaporation and gasification needs to consume and take away heat’. The higher outdoor  temperature makes more obvious on the actual cooling effect of environmental protection industry air cooler cooling. According to different industrial plants’ differences in workshop environment humidity, steam exchange requirements, and project budgets, Guangzhou Xikoo evaporative air cooler can customize exclusive models and specifications of products and cooling plans according to the actual situation of customers.


Here is a brief summary of the routine air change requirements and calculation methods for the number of units in different venues for your reference:


Calculation and requirements of regular air change times:

1. The definition of the number of air exchanges: the number of times that all the air in the space is replaced per hour, the total space is the area multiplied by the floor height.

2. The amount of air exchange in the ambient space without special requirements: 25 to 30 times per hour.

3. The amount of air exchange in the workshop with more labor-intensive personnel: 30-40 times per hour

4. There is a large heat source in the workshop, and the air exchange rate of the heating equipment is: 40-50 times per hour

5. The amount of air change that will generate dust or harmful gas in the workshop: 50-60 times per hour

6. If the space temperature requirements are very high, it can be included in the installation of chillers to control the temperature.


Calculation method of the number of environmental evaporative industry air cooler units:

1. Overall cooling: overall space capacity × number of replacements ÷ unit airflow = number of units

2. Partial station cooling: The station cooling plan needs to be planned according to the distribution of the on-site stations and the position of the air duct.

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Post time: Nov-12-2020