What are the types of industry air coolers in the plant cooling equipment, and installation points?

Among the plant cooling equipment, there are many specifications and models of evaporative air coolers, various models and specifications, high cost performance in the sales market, and a wide range of applications. It is a plant cooling equipment with high selectivity.

As an old brand enterprise with 13 years of industry experience, Xikoo evaporative Air Cooler is classified into the air cooler in the cooling equipment of the plant:

①Axial flow evaporative air cooler: suitable for sites with medium working voltage and large flow.

②Centrifugal evaporative air cooler: suitable for sites with smaller exhaust air volume and higher working pressure;

③No-motor supercharged exhaust cooling fan: The unique arc-shaped leaf is driven by the outdoor gas pressure difference, which rotates with the pivot, and then discharges the environmental protection and energy-saving natural ventilation equipment with ideal indoor air quality.


The key points of Xikoo evaporative air cooler installation:

①The surface should be leveled to avoid water leakage;

②The installation of the roof air cooler must be higher than the flat roof, and the anchor screws must be pre-embedded, and the anchor screws should be equipped with spring washers to avoid loosening during application;

③The pipe diameter of the air outlet cannot be reduced, but only increased. A shading net must be installed, and the wind and rain cap should be lifted when the wind is heavy;

④A layer of millimeter rubber pad is raised between the base of the evaporative air cooler and the base to reduce vibration;

⑤The Xikoo industry evaporative air cooler is connected with the ventilation duct using a flexible tube (soft raw material and not ignited), the length should not be less than 200mm, and the pipe diameter is the same as the import and export trade specifications of the roof air cooler. In order to ensure that the hose does not appear to be distorted during the whole process of the system software operation, it should be installed properly. For the white canvas hose installed at the suction end of the Xikoo evaporative air cooler, it can be installed slightly tighter to prevent the Xikoo evaporative air cooler from being sucked in during operation and reduce the cross-sectional specification of the white canvas hose.


Technical specific guidance of Xikoo industry air cooler:

Preface: Under normal conditions, Xikoo evaporative air coolers have some high temperature conditions when they are operating at room temperature, but they are all within the normal range. It is because the parts of the equipment rub against each other, resulting in heat generation and high temperature of the shell. But it does not necessarily mean that the temperature is too high.

Evaporative air cooler the temperature of the enclosure of the plant cooling equipment exceeds the standard value. The key reasons are as follows:

① Low working pressure of switching power supply;

②The motor is out of phase for fitness exercise or the wiring is incorrect;

③The rolling bearing of the motor is destroyed, and the clearance of mutual cooperation is small, which does not meet the requirements;

④The frictional resistance of the system software is too large or the air cooler is unscientifically installed and the motor is overloaded. The reason is that the resistance coefficient of the pipeline network is too large or the pipeline index gate valve is not opened.

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Post time: Nov-12-2020