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Evaporative air cooler is an evaporative cooling ventilator combine with cooling, ventilating, dust proof and deodorization. Portable air cooler brings fresh air and reduce temperature for public place, commercial and entertainment venues, has been widely used in restaurants, office buildings, hospitals, residential and so on. There are three speed, 5000m3/h to 18000m3/h airflow, air delivery distance can be 8 to 15m, cover area can be 20 to 100 square meters. The whole system is with over load protection and pump protection.


What is the difference between normal fan and evaporative air cooler? Normal fan only can accelerate air flow, but does not really solve the cooling problem. When indoor temperature is high, hot air even make people feel more uncomfortable, so choosing a portable air cooler which is definitely more cost-effective than a fan.

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