XIKOO XK-75SY big water tank air cooler cool for Singapore Presidential Palace outdoor concert.

XIKOO mobile environmentally friendly air cooler can be used for most all places that require ventilation and cooling, such as some large entertainment centers, underground parking lots, some large outdoor events and other public places.

Singapore Presidential Palace hold an outdoor concert in 2009 hot summer . The weather in Singapore in July was very sultry and hot. In the 500 square meter venue, placed 18 XK-75SY XIKOO big tank portable air cooler. The portable air cooler do not require special installation, Just power it to work, very convenient to use.  Low consumption just 0.28kw/h. The 120L water tank can be used for about 10 hours with one time.  XIKOO XK-75SY air cooler with independently researched and developed fan blade have lower noise. This is also the main reason that presidential palace choosed the XIKOO brand air cooler for the convert.

The event was a complete success. XIKOO air cooler pprovided fresh and comfortable temperature environment for the event. It was also highly recognized by the Presidential Palace, and they said don’t worry about sweating for outdoor activities under high temperature with XIKOO air cooler.

outdoor tent air cooler project (1)

outdoor tent air cooler project (2)

Post time: Nov-10-2020