XIKOO industrial air cooler Cool and ventilation system install project for Xincun Middle School’ s canteen

Xincun Middle School’s canteen have big area 6,500 square meter. If it don’t have good ventilation and cool system in Guangzhou with high temperature all the year around, it may cause the canteen to be very hot and sultry. Several thousands of Teacher and student are not willing to dining there. So the school planed to use central air conditioners at first , while they consider it will be large cost and high operation fees. Quit the previous idea , then consulted several air cooler suppliers. Finally choosed XIKOO.due to our reasonable project design and quotation , and XIKOO is famous brand in Chinese air cooler manufactures.


XIKOO engineer team designed the project with 28 pieces 1.5KW industrial air cooler XK-25T + 2 units chillers . The cold air is transported to the big hall through pipes. Then many air diffusers installed under the pipes to evenly distribute the cold air to the required places under the decorative ceiling. , So that the cold air coverage of each zone can be more evenly used.


XK-25T industrial air cooler have 12cm thickness high-density 5090 type cooling pad. Its evaporation efficiency is 20% higher than that of other ordinary air cooler, which means that it have better cool and air filter effect than other industrial air cooler on the market. We added water chiller in the plan. The chiller turns the tap water into ice water and provides it to each air cooler. By This way, the temperature of air out from air cooler is lower 2-3degrees than that connect tap water directly. Because the school want to provide a more comfortable dining environment for the teachers and students.

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Post time: Nov-10-2020