Injection molding workshop air cooler cooling system

Customer requirements for XIKOO air cooler ventilation and cool project:

The problem of high temperature and sultry heat in the workshop is particularly serious in summer. The maximum temperature reaches 38℃, and the work efficiency of the workers is affected. For example, the employees in the injection molding workshop are in fixed positions, Machines is no problem when suffer heat. So we concern on decreasing the environment temperature surrounding workers below 28°C.  people are crowded in the rest of the hardware workshop and packaging workshop . they need to combined overall cooling with posts cooling,  to speed up the air exchange. So the clean, fresh and cool air can be quickly supplied to the workshop.


Design schemes of the industrial air cooler project:

XIKOO engineers visited the site  in person to investigate the workshop’s environmental problems and improvement requirements. There are 70 injection molding machines in the injection workshop, 52 hardware processing equipment in the hardware workshop, and 118 positions in the packaging workshop, in order to help the company achieve the goal of energy saving and money saving. , 24 sets of XIKOO industrial air coolers are installed in the injection workshop, and the outlet temperature of the cool air is 26-28℃. The hardware workshop and the packaging workshop are each installed with 12 sets of environmentally friendly water air conditioners, and a total of 24 sets of water air cooler are installed. Fresh cool air is delivered to each work area that needs to be cooled, which can achieve a rapid cooling effect of 5-10 ℃ in the workshop environment.

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Advantages of choosing XIKOO industrial evaporative air cooler:

1. Fast cooling and good effect: the high-efficiency evaporative cooling pad can decrease by 5-12 degrees in one minute after starting up and running, and the rapid cooling can meet the requirements of the workshop workers on the workshop environment temperature.

2. Low investment cost: Compared with installing traditional compressor air conditioners, the investment cost can be saved by 80%.

3. Energy-saving and power-saving: one unit 18000m3/h airflow industrial air cooler only consume 1 kWh of electricity for working one hour , and the effective pipe area is 100-150 square meters,.

4. Solve a variety of environmental problems at one time: cooling, ventilation, ventilation, dust removal, odor removal, increase indoor oxygen content, and reduce the harm of toxic and harmful gases to the human body.

5. Safety and stability, extremely low failure rate: 30,000 hours of safe operation with zero failures, anti-dry burning and fire protection, water shortage protection, safe and stable operation, and worry-free use.

6. Long service life: 7-15 years 

7. The maintenance cost is negligible: the cooling medium of evaporative air cooler is tap water, so there is no need to fill the refrigerant for maintenance like traditional compressor air conditioners, and only need to clean the cooling pad regularly to ensure its cooling effect Without being weakened, the frequency of general cleaning and maintenance can be guaranteed once a year. Compared with traditional air conditioners, it can save a lot of cost for later use.

Post time: Dec-08-2021