energy saving water cooled air conditioner for gym and big hall

To meet market requirement of cool and energy saving , XIKOO developed the energy saving water cooled industrial air conditioner

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Evaporative condensation technology is currently recognized as the most efficient condensation method. Water and air are used as the cooling medium, and the heat is taken away by the evaporation of water to achieve the purpose of rapid cooling. The heat absorbed by the evaporation of one liter of water is 2270 kilojoules, which is equivalent to the cooling capacity of 2300BTU.

The core component of the water evaporative industrial energy-saving air conditioner is the direct heat exchanger 5090 type cooling pad “multi-layer corrugated fiber composite”. The reduction of the condensation temperature can reduce the condensing pressure of the refrigeration system and the exhaust pressure of the compressor. The machine achieves a higher energy efficiency ratio and minimizes the input power of the compressor. So as to achieve more power saving than traditional air conditioners with the same cooling capacity.

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XIKOO water cooled air conditioner have below advantages

1. Energy-saving and electricity-saving, evaporative-condensing industrial energy-saving air-conditioning units are classified into energy-saving single cooling type and heating and cooling constant temperature type according to their uses. The energy-saving single-cooling type adopts the principle of evaporative condensation (similar to water cooling but more efficient than water cooling), which saves 30-50% of electricity compared to traditional air conditioners.

2. The installation space is small. The evaporative and condensing industrial energy-saving air-conditioning unit omits many accessories such as cooling towers, circulating water pumps and corresponding piping systems. The system structure is simple and the installation space occupies a small area. It is easy to maintain and saves energy.

3. Wide range of applications, evaporative and condensing industrial energy-saving air-conditioning products are widely used in high-temperature and stuffy environments such as industry, agriculture, and commerce to improve cooling and cooling environments.

It is very popular for gyms, Internet cafes, car maintenance stations, shopping malls, big office, workshop, restaurant and so other places. Provide a quality environment for employees and customers.



Post time: Feb-17-2023