XIKOO portable evaporaitve air cooler cool for restaurant

 In hot summer , People are more willing to go out to eat in  restaurant. Many Restaurants are full of customers, and have to put table and chair outside to serve more customer.  And some customers prefer to eat outside, they can gather and chat with their friends more relaxed .

So how to bring cool for outside eating customers? And how to bring cool for people even in hot pot and barbecue shop? It is problem for restaurant bosses. While don’t worry , XIKOO portable air cooler can solve it .

Look below , XK-06SY is working in a hot pot shop

XK-06SY, very low energy consumption , just 0.2kw per hour. Water tank 50L, airflow 6000m3/h, it can cover 20 to 35m2 with one unit. XK-06SY has LCD and remote control , very convenient to control. It has water pump and over load protection together. For restaurant managers, maybe you worry that some client leave seat while don’t forget to close air cooler. Forget it , XK-06SY can timer 7.5H. If you set the time , it will stop working automatically when time is up. It is very convenient to move it to different positions, and its two front wheels have lock.

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For alfresco dining areas, big open space and very hot. How to bring cool? XK-15SY can do that .

XK-15SY, power just 0.68kw/h, while it has big airflow 15000m3/h and cool air can swing to cover big space 80 to 100m2. It also have timer, water protection and pump protection function same as XK-06SY.  And XK-15SY is mute, low noise below 65db will not interfere with your conversation. People can enjoy the happiness and reflex of outdoor dining and fresh cool in hot summer.


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Editor:  Parisa zhang

Post time: Aug-26-2021