XIKOO industrial air cooler for mask factory

Guangzhou Weini Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a health enterprise specializing in all kinds of masks manufacture. As the Coronavirus pandemic emerged in the end of 2019. medical mask suddenly became the product in high demand . Weini technology development company began to increase their production and expend their workshop,and there are more machines and workers in the workshop. Guangzhou is a city located in south of China , its summer is longer and it is very hot in summer. Weini Faced the workshop cooling problem. Mr.wang in charge contacted XIKOO.And appointed with XIKOO domestic sales director and engineer Mr.Yang to go to Weini factory for workshop cool project .  


Weini has 4 big workshops, after on-site measure and discussed with Mr.wang about their workshop cooling demand .XIKOO domestic sales director and engineer Mr.Yang submitted four different cooling solutions for the four workshops with XIKOO air cooler models, quantity , budget , install position , air pipeline and other questions. Weini Mr.Wang and his colleagues in charge adopted the advice. Arranged deposit to begin the mask production workshop cooling project.

XK-18S (1)XK-18ST



XIKOO delivered the 30 pieces industrial factory evaporative air cooler and related duct, bracket and air diffuser to Weini 7days latter. And five persons XIKOO professional air cooler installation team spent 2days finishing air cooler installation of all the four workshop. Evaporative air cooler is easier than air conditioner to install , don’t need copper pipe. 

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After several days test. Weini Mr.Wang called back to Mr.Yang, he said they felt cool in the workshops obviously, the workers stopped complaining about hot workshop as before, and they worked efficiently. Mr.Wang told his friend about XIKOO industrial workshop air cooler effect , who has a garment factory . he would like to know more about XIKOO industrial water air cooler for his garment factory workshop.

Post time: Jun-29-2021