XIKOO evaporative air cooler is widely to cool various places

In recent years, with the rapid development of evaporative cooling technology and people’s awareness of energy saving and emission reduction. Evaporative cooling and environmental friendly air cooler have also been widely used

1. The production and processing workshops and warehouses of the textile and clothing industry, leather industry, electronics industry, mechanical processing industry, machine manufacturing industry, paper product industry, etc., industrial evaporative air cooler can be used to ventilate and cool production positions and improve the production environment .


2.workshops that generate large amounts of heat or odors, or production workshops with polluting gases, strong odors, and large dust, and all places where indoor circulating air is not allowed, such as injection molding plants, chemical plants, steel making Plants, heat treatment workshops, hospital halls, waiting rooms, etc., can use  evaporative cooling system to ventilate and cool places, increase the frequency of indoor air changes, disperse dust and odors, and improve the production environment.


3. In the occasions where the use time is short and indoor ventilation, replacement of indoor air, and temperature and humidity reduction are required, such as auditoriums, conference rooms, churches, sports pipes, etc., water air cooler can be used to ventilate and reduce the temperature to improve the indoor environment. The number of air changes can improve the air environment of the place.

Public place air cooler project (2)

4. In some places where goods are stored and the flow of people is relatively large, or people are relatively dense, such as large supermarkets, exhibition halls, restaurants, waiting rooms, schools, etc., swamp cooler can be used to ventilate and cool the place to increase the number of air changes. , Dispel peculiar smell, improve the air quality of the place.


5. When it is impossible to adopt indoor overall ventilation and cooling, such as high-temperature workshops of manufacturing enterprises, battery manufacturing workshops, etc., industrial air cooler  can be used to supply air to local production posts, to ventilate and cool indoor local production posts, and to improve indoor cooling Reduce the impact of hot gas on production and improve the local production environment.



6. Places that need humidification or require relatively high relative humidity, such as the production workshops of textile mills and knitting factories, and places where man-made fibers and synthetic fibers are produced, can use air cooler to deliver the humidified cold air through the air supply pipe Production posts, in order to humidify and cool the indoor production posts, reduce the impact of dry and hot gas on production, improve the production environment, and meet the needs of the production process.


7. Agricultural scientific research and cultivation centers or bases, greenhouses, flowers, poultry, livestock and other plantations and breeding farms, use water air cooler provide and create a suitable air environment through ventilation and cooling, avoid livestock plagues, and improve livestock Survival rate, reduce the occurrence of diseases.



8. In some outdoor entertainment and leisure places, large areas of cooling are required to provide fresh flowing air. Evaporative air cooler can be used for outdoor air conditioning to provide and create a suitable outdoor air environment to meet the needs of personnel activities. Such as outdoor restaurants, tents, parties, etc.


Post time: Sep-07-2021