XIKOO air cooler for training center

The portable air cooler developed and produced by XIKOO Industry are all based on industrial standard product quality, product practicability, cooling effect, and product process quality. All have high standards. To allow customers to have a better product experience. Meet the customer’s demand of ventilation and cooling.


Guangzhou Vocational College of Transportation was in need of a lot of air cooler for training center. When choosing a mobile water air cooler, the school adopted the method of on-site test machine introduction. At the same time, they tested the air coolers with several brands of models to compare. The products and quotations were provided on the spot. XIKOO and several other air cooler suppliers from Dongguan and Foshan all brought the air cooler samples. The school person in charge tried and evaluated the air cooler from several suppliers with quotation. Finally , they choosed XIKOO XK-15SY evaporative air cooler. In terms of price, The quotation from XIKOO was not lower than other brands, While the school person said combine quality and price , XIKOO air cooler was the most cost-effective one among several products. From the air volume, the cooling effect to the appearance and electric control system,XIKOO XK-15SY won the school praise.



This mobile air cooler model: XK-15SY,  air volume is 15000m³/h, the power is 680W, the water tank capacity is 100L, LCD and remote control, over load and water pump protection, XIKOO special fan blades make the noise less. And it also has timer function with 7.5H. Guangzhou Vocational College of Transportation was very satisfied with this product and directly purchased nearly one hundred units to place in training center, dining hall, big classroom, labs,public hall and other places in the school.


In addition to schools, XK-15SY can also be used in open places such as outdoor activities, gyms, Internet cafes, car repair stations, shopping malls, playgrounds, farmhouses, restaurant and etc.

Post time: Jul-27-2021