Factory of can install XIKOO industiral air cooler

The can manufacturing company has workshop area of 15000 square meters, height is 15m, it is a modern assembly line workshop, and it has steel frame structure, when the sun is shining, it produces heat and get into workshop, and combine with the heat from large – scale production equipment, temperature reach 38 degrees. There is no crowed workers in workshop, and the workers have their own fixed positions.

The Customers requirements is that the workers who at the position of assembly production line should be with cool wind blowing, and some equipment should also be in cool area, the whole workshop will be a comfortable and the evaporative air cooler can not be installed inside. 

After in-site investigating by XIKOO professional engineer Mr.Zhen, and he made advice and discussed the project with the in charge person of the can company,customer decided to combine post cooling with overall cooling solution.

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It is a not small project with 40pcs XK-30S/Up big air flow air cooler, per unit airflow up to 30000M3/H, air delivery distance by air duct is 50 to 60m, with remote control. XK-30S UP industrial air cooler has phase loss protection, water shortage protection,over voltage protection and over-current protection.Some water air coolers were installed behind the workshop with reasonable air duct design and position choice. So fresh and cool air can be sent to each workers position, and guarantee there is cold air for everywhere in the workshop. Mr.Zhen also designed some air coolers being installed on the both two sides walls of the workshop, so they can send cool air into workshop directly, so it realized whole workshop have cool air, and meet overall cooling effect.

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The project was successfully completed, it was accepted by the customer. overall temperature kept in 29 to 31 degrees, meet customers requirements.

Post time: Oct-13-2021