XIKOO pays attention to products quality inspection


As the new year is approaching, the factory is busy on production for the goods. Xikoo Company has a 20 days holiday during Chinese New Year, and customers are eager to arrange shipping before our holiday. Although busy, Xikoo always pays attention to the air cooler quality and will not provide inferior quality in order to rush finish the goods. Every step of the materials selection, processing, quality inspection, and packaging will be supervised.

There are eight groups of workers in the workshop, each with four people. One of the members of each group is responsible for quality inspection. After the air cooler is assembled, will be tested with water first. The water test is to fill the water tank of the machine with water, adjust the height of the water sensor, the height of the float ball, and let the machine run for ten minutes to see if there are any defects or loopholes during the operation, and then operate each function key once to ensure there is nothing wrong with the function. Don’t think that the water cooler can be packaged after testing. Our quality requirements are not like that simple. After testing with water, we have to arrange the machine to run for at least eight hours before officially packaging. These details are the cost, but the price of air cooler that Xingke absolutely does not calculate these costs in, and only hopes to maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with customers. Therefore, Xingke has been established for 11 years and has received support from many old customers.


After the air cooler test runs without any problems, we will move to the packaging department. The packaging department will not do package directly. Each air cooler is guaranteed to be shipped completely. The casing will inevitably get dirty during the production process, especially the ones we use The new PP material, the body case color is pure white, the exterior will be scrubbed before packaging, and it is made of special detergent to prevent corrosion. Then affix the label required by the customer, add foam, film, and put on the carton, and a brand new air cooler will be delivered to the customer.


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Post time: Jan-30-2021