Xikoo company staff birthday party in December, wish you all happy birthday and good health.

At the end of each month, Xikoo company will arrange to hold a birthday celebration for the employees who will be on birthdays of that month. At that time, full table of high tea food will be well prepared. There are many things to drink, eat, play. It is also a way to relax after busy work every month, so this day of every month is a day that everyone looks forward to.

birthday cake

Except for eating, everyone will also play some small games, like tug-of-war, skipping rope, blowing balloons. There are rewards for winning, and punishment for losing. The whole process is full of cheerful sounds. Especially at one time we played a two-person three-legged game, the office team lost to the workshop team. The punishment was that loser would eat mustard biscuits. Everyone in the office team felt so hot seems with smoke on their heads because mustard biscuits, all said that the punishment was too cruel.

high tea

After the game, everyone will gather together to light birthday candles for the birthday stars of the month, sing birthday songs, and pray for happy birthday, good health and smooth work. Every birthday star has the opportunity to express a testimonial. Some people will thank the company and the team for their dedication. , Some people will share little stories in life, some stories are true and moving stories, and sometimes memories are beautiful. Xikoo director will also give out a small gift bag to each birthday star.


The last part of the birthday party must be high tea. In addition to a two-tiered birthday cake, there are also some pizza snacks. Barbecue is my favorite. The drinks include milk tea and juice to ensure that every staff eats enough.


Thank you Xikoo company, for your dedication to each member and staff, and hope that xikoo air cooler brand will continue to develop higher and higher level, and everyone will be the shining star on such an excellent platform as Xikoo. Let us look forward to the next birthday party.

Author: Christina Chan


Post time: Jan-13-2021