Personal Growth and High Performance Team Seminar

It’s the annual study season for outstanding employees of XIKOO. In order to cultivate outstanding talents, XIKOO will send employees to participate in the Chamber of Commerce seminars on personal growth and high-performance teams. This is not an ordinary meeting, it is a full three days and two nights of training. The company will bear all the expenses of the employees, in order for the employees to find their self-worth, so that they can recognize their own deficiencies and make improvements. It is a re-understanding , The process of reshaping oneself.


The content of the meeting includes personal growth. As mentioned earlier, re-understanding ourselves and discovering our own shortcomings, there is also an important link to let us know how to be grateful, grateful for ourselves, grateful for parents, grateful for friends, grateful for colleagues, the help you get on weekdays, and It’s not for others to help you as a matter of course, so it’s important to be grateful. The lecturers who founded the Chamber of Commerce moved us through each case. A person can manage himself well in life and work. It is really not easy to achieve self-discipline. People always have a kind of inertia, so we must overcome difficulties, get out of self-centeredness, re-understand ourselves, and re-understand the world. . This seminar is not a seminar about sales elites. It is a meaningful meeting that provides a lot of spiritual food. There are also interactive games and competitions during which employees are actively participating.



In a company, in addition to personal growth is the foundation, team collaboration is also the most important thing. It can be said that there is no team without an individual, and no individual can be achieved without a team. The strength of the team is very strong. Only when everyone has the same goal can make strength of the team is exerted to the extreme, and the company will continue to grow. Therefore, the Chamber of Commerce also teaches us how to build an excellent team. It really benefits a lot and is full of dry goods. All trainees who have completed the training can stand full of energy and confidence on the stage.


Editor: Christina Chan

Post time: Mar-31-2021