After the Chinese New Year in 2021, the construction will officially start, and the workshops and all departments of Xingke will be officially put into production.

The Chinese New Year has brought 20 days of holidays with salary to the employees of Xingke, so that every employee can come back to reunite with their families. Now they are officially back to work, everyone is full of energy and morale. At 8:36 on February 23, all the employees gathered together, lit candles and firecrackers on time to celebrate the official start of xikoo air cooler. This year’s performance must be prosperous. After setting off the firecrackers, the important part is that the boss gave out a bonus to the employees. Everyone held a big red envelope and hung a happy mood on their faces. The company also arranged tea parties, fruits, and traditional Chinese New Year snacks for everyone which are ready. In the morning, everyone will share the fun of the New Year and chat. In the afternoon, they will formally arrange work.


During the holidays, all new and old customers booked their products early and prepared for the production of materials when they came back after the new year. However, they received notifications about material price increases this year, which is a severe blow to suppliers and customers. . Xingke has tried its best to bear the extra cost and does not increase the price to customers, but also hope that customers can give us trust and support, so that we can support each other, the farther and higher we go. The price increase is also temporary, and the price cannot remain unchanged. There are mainly many uncertain factors, but as a responsible enterprise, we must be psychologically prepared to survive the difficult times together, and we will surely usher in a warm spring.

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How 2021 will be, we hope that new and old customers will continue to support Xikoo air coolers. We guarantee that we will absolutely provide the highest quality products and create higher performance for you.


Editor: Christina Chan

Post time: Mar-06-2021