Guangzhou xingke mechanical equipment co., ltd. is located in the world famous city -- -- Panyu, Guangzhou. The company has always been focused on energy saving, environmental protection, green field technology research and development, application and production.After more than ten years of technical innovation and team operation,Xingke company is a relatively large scale of high-tech enterprises in the same industry in China.

Xingke evaporative air coolers (environmental protection air-conditioner,water air cooler,evaporative cooler fan) are one of the domestic earlier technology enterprise which introduced evaporative technology from Australia and Sweden. After more than ten years precipitation technology, products are constantly being upgraded, broken through and creative, and we put emphasis on the product structure, process, appearance, evaporation efficiency, energy saving and stability and make a big invest to get big breakthrough. A large-scale operation team has been formed ,and we has established a complete industrial ecological chain from product research and development, design, mold opening, injection molding, assembly and sales.

Xingke evaporative air coolers (environmental protection air-conditioner,water air cooler,evaporative cooler fan) include wall mounted / fixed mounted type , portable type and window type as the three major series , and can be completely satisfied in industrial, commercial, household area.After more than ten years of team work and market recognition, the domestic sales network now is covering 21 provinces and 86 relatively developed regions, more than 112 distributors all over the country. And products are sold to 35 overseas countries and regions, distributed in South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, southeast Asia and Japan.The company has formed an annual output of 250,000 sets of machine parts and 100,000 sets of machine production capacity.Welcome the domestic and foreign industry elite to come to discuss cooperation.


 Xingke company was established in 2007, there are 11 years design and production experience.

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