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Xingke's Industry Evaporative Air Cooler Project In Guangdong

Xingke's Industry Evaporative Air Cooler Project In Guangdong


Xingke, the professional evaporative air cooler manufacturer, has satisfied the different customers' requirements. We want to tell you about the environmental ventilation cooling industry evaporative air cooler project for a handwork production workshop of a women's drug-relief reformatory center in Guangdong.

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The production workshop is a workshop using traditional sewing machines and hand-made handbags. The length of the workshop is 64 meters, the width is 32 meters, and the height of each floor is 3.26 meters. The maximum capacity of each floor can reach 116 people. For solving workshop high-temperature environments to improve production efficiency. The leaders of drug-relief reformatory center have repeatedly considered and finally adopted the evaporative air cooler which is environmental protection, as the best equipment for this project, produced by us, Guangzhou Xingke Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Our engineers made a design 24pcs XK-18S/ down environmental protection air cooler will be installed on the single-sided wall of each floor of the workshop. At the other side of sidewalls will be installed 6pcs exhaust fan, for pushing out the dirty and sultry air in the room, and the total amount of air exhausting should be more than 60% of air volume supplying, so as to accelerate the air circulation in the workshop, and the change time is 64.7 times / h. After the project was completed and put into use, the workshop temperature was 8-10 degrees lower than before, and this project got highly praised by the leaders and workers in the drug-relief reformatory center.

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