Workshop water-cooled air conditioning work? The effect of the cooling?

by:Xingke     2020-04-26
Summer many companies want to cool the workshop ventilation, many have heard of water-cooled air conditioning plant, heard of water-cooled air cooler is very save electricity, water, the electricity consumption of air conditioning for an hour just 1 degree, will be able to solve the problem of 100 ㎡ of cool, but have not used, only know is specially used to plant cooling ventilation, but it's cool way is not the same as the traditional air conditioning, it is to use water to cool. Water cooling air conditioning, this really is a little weird, but factory water-cooled air conditioning cooling effect, is really very good, factory water-cooled air conditioning cooling effect can achieve lower 4-1 minutes The effect of 10 degrees, or is not inconceivable, such a small power consumption can achieve such good results. This is why many companies will like water-cooled air conditioning. This is because, as a result of the different methods of cooling, workshop water-cooled air conditioning compressor, power consumption is small, so only need water wet wet curtain, and then through the wet curtain above water absorbs heat from the air, so it can form the cold air, and then the cold air into the indoor, indoor hot gas extrusion, a lot of cold wind blowing on the body, so that it can achieve the cooling effect, and the cooling process, water-cooled air conditioning only need 1. 1 kw motor, so to save electricity so.
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