Workshop cooling methods have? You must know this kind of money saving cooling method

by:Xingke     2020-04-10
Summer is the most annoying thing is how to solve the problem of workshop cooling. What are the workshop cooling method? Workshop cooling method that is very much. With air conditioning, electric fan, suction fan, etc. , to cool the equipment is very much, but the cooling equipment cooling equipment of the workshop is not ideal, because they are not cooling effect is not ideal, is needed because of the high cost. So use them to cooling is not the best choice. Cooling method is actually a kind of workshop is very popular for many companies, this workshop cooling method not only can make cooling effect is good, still can cool the cost is not high. That is the use of air cooler cooling ventilation, also has many businesses have used to cool the cooling fan for workshop. Because they all know how low the cost of using air cooler. Using air cooler to cool the workshop the cost. From the use of cost, the same area of the same case, is only 1/5 of the traditional air conditioning, and the installation cost is only a quarter of traditional air conditioning. Is a fan to save electricity, but the cooling effect of cooling equipment, its cooling effect can achieve lower 4-1 minutes 10 degrees. Believe that such a positive ratio of cooling equipment you would like? This workshop cooling method is what you want?
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