Workshop cool jobs to do so, saving cooling effect and better

by:Xingke     2020-04-16
Workshop cool jobs to do? Workshop cooling means for each job staff on cooling, the cooling way is usually fixed for workshop staff positions, and personnel in an area, so we will use this workshop cooling scheme, to do this is to be able to only need to cool cool, don't need to cool the place don't cooling, can save a lot of cost. Really want to do shop post cooling, using environmental protection air cooler is very appropriate, because environmental protection air cooler only need to get air duct, and then open a tuyere on each post, each post personnel can be blown into the cool air cooling, and the cost is not high also, 1 hour only need 1 KWH, can solve the problem of 100 square meters of cooling. Choose the workshop posts the advantage of the cooling is, can take a good, but instead of cooling effect will be better, but can only use the workshop personnel, less concentrated, fixed position, can use this, if is the number of shop staff, cool and dispersion can be used as a whole, the whole workshop temperature down. And the cost is not high also.
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