Without these workshop cooling scheme

by:Xingke     2020-05-01
You solved the workshop cooling problem? Did the workshop cooling scheme, many enterprises in the face of the workshop to cool the question, I don't know how to solve, not to mention how to use less cost to solve the problem, in fact workshop cooling scheme is very important, choose the right can save a lot of cost. Now many with factory plan mainly is to install the negative pressure fan cooling or wet curtain is a negative pressure fan and combination, but the two cooling way, cooling effect is not very good. Especially the service life of the damp curtain soon, and with a bit of trouble, although the beginning of the investment cost is lower, but the price is not high, but also to use. Now most of the companies use workshop cooling scheme, is the environmental protection air cooler, or combinations of environmental protection air conditioning + industry big fan for cooling and ventilation, environmental protection air conditioning in the normal service life can reach more than a decade, and cooling effect, and energy saving province electricity are popular with many enterprises, but also to be able to design different according to the actual situation of the workshop workshop cooling scheme, big workshop, small workshop to be able to have a money saving workshop cooling scheme, if you have no right, there is still time to change.
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