What is a good equipment factory floor cooling with?

by:Xingke     2020-04-18
What is a good equipment factory floor cooling with? Many of the enterprise, it is thinking about a problem, because there is no good really, factory workshop cooling equipment to be able to solve this problem. The traditional equipment, not cooling effect is not good, is because of the high cost. Can't solve the problem of engineering workshop cooling, which makes many enterprises very headache. Really want to solve the problem of factory floor cooling, did not think so hard to do, now there are many enterprises in the use of air conditioners to cool, why environmental protection air cooler can solve the problem for many companies have a headache? ', this is because of the environmental protection air cooler, its cooling way is very unique, is not the same as other traditional equipment cooling way. Environmental protection air conditioning can solve workshop cooling problem, is because of his entire way, is from the nature of the characteristics of the water evaporation heat absorption cooling, believe that many people are late, where there is water in summer, the temperature will be lower, not because of the water evaporation can absorb heat from the air, and environmental protection air cooler is using this principle, so can achieve cooling area of 100 square meters. 1 hour to the effect of many 1 KWH. It was thus able to easily solve workshop cooling problem.
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