What about the quality management system in Xingke?
Guangzhou Xingke Mechanical Equipment Co.,LTD has a complete quality control system that has been carried out for many years. It focuses on raw material, semi-finished and finished products. Especially for finished products, their performance, service life, etc. are tested before shipment. We will continue to enhance quality control and reduce scrap rates.

At present Xingke is the biggest industry air cooler manufacturer for the home. The best-selling portable swamp cooler series of Xingke is shown as the following. Xingke window evaporative cooler is produced under standard and highly automated production environment. XIKOO portable air cooler features with double air outlets. The distinctive customer service culture for we is a habit of thinking and management. XIKOO window wall mounted air cooler is required to be installed on sidewalls or windows.

Since its establishment, our team has always adhered to the operating ideas of best portable air cooler. Inquire now!
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