The workshop ventilation cooling engineering should do so

by:Xingke     2020-06-17
The workshop ventilation cooling engineering should do what is better? This problem will be a lot of enterprises are difficult to, because many companies don't know should use what kind of cooling equipment, in the person's first impression, cooling, of course, is to use air conditioning, air cooler cooling effect is very good indeed, but the downside is the high cost, and only can't cooling ventilation, need in a sealed room. Some people would say to use electric fan, electric fan, very save electricity can, but do you know? Fan cooling effect is not good, and only can do local ventilation cooling effect, in some workshop temperature is very high, the cooling effect can be less? So the workshop ventilation cooling engineering doesn't suit. So how to do ability to can solve workshop ventilation cooling problem? Want to solve the workshop ventilation problem, in fact, many companies are already knows, only need to install environmental protection air cooler for workshop. Why do you say that? Because environmental protection air conditioning cooling way is different, so it can do 1 hour 1 KWH can for the workshop ventilation cooling, and cooling rapidly, to achieve lower 4-1 minutes 10 degrees of cooling effect, and using range is very wide, like hardware, electronics, plastics, textile, garment, logistics and other industries, used in the environmental protection air conditioning for the workshop ventilation, cooling can be used in half open and open environment, is a can open the door to use cooling equipment, such as workshop ventilation cooling engineering not just what you want?
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