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The Application Of Xingke's Evaporative Water Air Cooler

The Application Of Xingke's Evaporative Water Air Cooler


Evaporative water air cooler is suitable in many places, such as ventilation and cooling of steel structure workshops, cooling of large iron houses, open and semi-open areas, sweltering overall cooling, post cooling. Below we are going to share something you should know about it.


Making cooling and ventilation design for the high-speed rail vehicle maintenance and inspection station, with a length of 160 meters and a width of 72 meters and a height of 18 meters. The iron steel structure on all sides is semi-closed, and there is no air circulation in summer. The solar radiation constantly warms the room. Party A initially considered traditional air conditioners, but space could not form a relatively closed place. The amount of cooling generated by the equipment could not be kept indoors so it could not be cooled, and the entire project cost was very high. In the face of this situation, Party A found Xingke air cooler. Who is a professional evaporative air cooler manufacturer, Xingke send engineer there immediately, after learning the actual needs, we surveyed the site be with a comprehensive and beautiful look, so decide to used the roof space to place 96pcs environmental-friendly evaporative air coolers. The heat of air taken away by water evaporation that became the principle of physical cooling of cold air. Thought air ducting sending cold air to each post of workers.

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Environmental protection air cooler (also known as energy-saving air cooler, air cooler, evaporative air cooler, energy-saving, and environmentally-friendly air cooler, industrial air cooler, cooling equipment) is evaporation that combines cooling, ventilation, humidification, dust prevention, and deodorization Cooling air ventilating unit. Environmental protection air cooler has an important feature-energy saving and environmental protection. It is a brand-new environmentally friendly product without compressors, refrigerants, and copper pipes. The core of the main components --- evaporative wet curtain (honeycomb cooling pad) and 1.1KW main motor that just occupy the traditional central air-conditioning power consumption 8/1, which can with more energy efficient for all industry.

Environmental air cooler is an environmentally friendly product with no compressor, no cold coal, no pollution. It uses the principle of outdoor fresh air evaporative cooling to cool down and performs convective air exchange with the room to achieve the purpose of indoor ventilation and cooling. Compared with the traditional compressor air-conditioning system, the cost is less than half, and the equipment does not occupy any building area. The system is simple and easy to install and maintain quickly, without the need for professional maintenance personnel. Reflects the characteristics of energy saving, humanity, beauty, environmental protection, etc., for ventilation and cooling of testing stations of high-speed rail cars, electronics, textiles, shoemaking, plastics, machinery workshops, cigarette factories, modern homes, offices, supermarkets, hospitals, casinos, waiting rooms. The ventilation and cooling of the surrounding environment provide the perfect solution.

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Xingke's Environmental Protection Evaporative Water Air Cooler Performance:

1. Select high-quality 5090 wet curtain water curtain (honeycomb cooling pad), the evaporation efficiency is far higher than that of the inferior wet curtain, and the temperature reduction range is as high as 8-12 degrees.

2. Imported high-quality motors and water pumps ensure durability, safety, and reliability. The motor is 100% copper wire, durable, not easy to be burned.

3. The control system adopts a blue backlight LCD display with remote control and the function of promoting the lack of phase and voltage and lack of water. 

3. It is as cool as an air cooler and saves power like a fan. It is the first choice for large-scale steel structure cooling.

Xingke environmental protection air cooler is a manufacturer with 13 years of ventilation and cooling experience. It provides a free on-site survey and design cooling solution services. Xingke environmental protection air cooler not only provides ventilation and cooling for your plant and workshop but also brings you a difference Unique value, no fear of high temperature, easy work, cooling, and energy saving, choose Xingke environmental protection air cooling, we will take years of experience in ventilation and cooling solutions to your high temperature and sultry plant to cool.

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One more other tips for air cooler:

Through the introduction, everyone knows that one of the cores of the environmental protection air cooler is the evaporative water curtain (cooling pad). This cooling pad likes the condenser of a traditional air conditioner. The quality directly affects the coldness of the air cooler. When the environmental protection air cooler is running, the cooling pad is fully filled with water. Fresh air is sent to the workshop through the cooling pad filled with water. During the operation, the water will evaporate and then take away a lot of heat to cool down. Air impurities are also filtered. In fact, it's the same principle as people standing on the beach in the hot summer. Because seawater takes away a lot of heat from human skin during evaporation, it is cool.

The second core of chills is ventilation. If the air is not flowing, it will become sultry. Even in a large environment, even if there are refrigeration and no ventilation, it will be very stuffy and hot. Environmentally friendly air cooler has just these two functions, sending a lot of fresh air and cooling. So environmentally friendly air cooler can cool the air around.

Then why do some people feel useless and say it's not cold? This depends on the cooling pad used by the manufacturer you choose. Does the water absorption pass? Does the air supply requirement meet the standards? Is the design ventilation scheme reasonable? Therefore, it is recommended to choose regular manufacturers and professional HVAC engineers.

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