Steel structure workshop cooling solution want to save money good cooling effect and choose this one

by:Xingke     2020-04-15
Is there any good steel structure factory building cooling solution? Steel structure factory building in the summer, to cool it is very difficult, because the steel structure workshop, very tall, and hot weather in the summer, the steel structure workshop roof can absorb heat, temperature rise sharply, making the plant when SanShiWuLiu degrees outside the premises of temperature can reach more than 40 degrees commonly, working in such a high temperature environment, coupled with the heavy work, believe that not many people can put up with. That is there any good steel structure factory building cooling solution, to be able to solve this problem? Want to solve this problem is not difficult, it is ok to use environmental protection air conditioning, also can choose according to the situation of the workshop also different solutions. Use environmental protection air cooler cooling steel structure factory building solutions there are two. One is whole cooling scheme, one kind is local post air supply and cooling scheme. Many and dispersed, with the overall cooling, people are more concentrated, with the local post to supply air cooling, which according to the actual situation of the workshop to choose more appropriate, how to plan can better solve debt problem, at the same time can reduce the costs.
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