SRC's Goals For Our Walk in Coolers

by:Xingke     2020-06-21
SRC Refrigeration strives to make and sell walk in coolers and freezers the new highest quality components attainable. We want our walk in coolers to give company years of benefits and reliability. We have invested greatly in our manufacturing equipment and processes; this helps control the continual escalating material and labor costs. Our greatest challenge as a manufacturer is to ensure our message actually gets to you, the customer: we provide the best value walk in coolers. Our competitors, through the other hand, prefer to focus on price over value. Information they provide relating to walk in coolers are ambiguous. Have got yet to be surprised by our findings after purchasing our competitors' products-walk in coolers marketed as 'just the same as SRC' appear similar in pictures, nevertheless the actual major components differ significantly. SRC will provide detailed equipment specifications to help you compare; give explain the various advantages and disadvantages of different regions. This way, you can ensure you are earning an informed decision on the walk in cooler you purchasing. All companies should provide this detailed information up front-if they don't, ask! In the end, we're confident SRC will remain your preferred array. Our goal is two-fold: #1) We won't be undersold! #2) We will not sacrifice the quality of our walk in coolers to make a sale! If you feel someone presents you with what seems to be be a 'better deal', do who you are a favor and give to us a call. You'll discover SRC is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise high-pressure industry.
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