Plant ventilation cooling engineering economical cooling effect and good to do so

by:Xingke     2020-06-17
The summer, many companies will do plant ventilation cooling engineering for workshop, to plant ventilation cooling. Because many businesses found that working in a hot environment, will seriously affect the employee's work efficiency, even many staff will complain. For plant ventilation cooling companies more this year, because now the outbreak period, work environment to maintain good ventilation, this can reduce the virus concentration in the air, to prevent infection. But many companies don't know to choose what kind of plant ventilation cooling engineering, because they don't know any good plant ventilation cooling method can solve this problem, because many of the cooling equipment is not a good cooling effect, ventilation effect is no good, if not cost too much. In fact, now many companies are using a new kind of plant ventilation cooling engineering, that is to use the overall environmental protection air conditioning cooling ventilation, ventilation cooling ventilation or positions. Because environmental protection air cooler is by water evaporation can absorb heat from the air to cool, so can do to cool the area of 100 square meters of ventilation for 1 hour, only need 1 KWH. And about 1 hour to ventilation 51. According to different requirements to increase the ventilation rate. Can also according to different workshop, to design different plant ventilation cooling scheme, cooling and post air cooling can be as a whole.
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