Plant cooling difficult?

by:Xingke     2020-04-24
There are a lot of companies will encounter a problem in the summer, that is factory difficult to cooling, why will cause this problem? Is because there is no good plant cooling equipment, some of the traditional cooling equipment is not high cost, is the result is bad, not able to save money and can solve workshop cooling equipment for cooling problems. But the problem was solved by environmental protection air conditioning. Why is environmental protection air cooler can solve this difficult problem, because environmental protection air conditioning is very save electricity, and the cooling effect is very ideal, one minute can reduce 4 - 10 degrees, but power consumption is 1/5 of the traditional air cooler. So little money can solve the cooling problem of factory cooling equipment, do you like it? Some people will feel so good plant cooling equipment, must be very expensive, the cost of environmental protection air conditioning, actually in the same area, just a quarter of their traditional air conditioning, this is why there are so many companies factory will find the cause of environmental protection air conditioning cooling.
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