Large workshop cooling to how to deal with? The original is doing so

by:Xingke     2020-04-12
You know how to solve the large workshop cooling is? Actually this question befuddled by many enterprises, because many companies don't know how to solve, and, indeed, not professional solve workshop cooling problem, to understand the affirmation is not much, in fact this problem for us to solve major professional workshop cool people, is a very simple thing. Large workshop cooling difficult, is the large workshop space is very big, is there a good cooling equipment, so would lead to such a situation. In fact in the past, we are using cooling fan for cooling, large workshop go inside duct in the workshop, blow to the personnel, so that you can achieve very good cooling effect, 4 - could be reduced by 1 minute 10 degrees. And the cost of cooling is not good, save electricity, than a fan cooling 1 hour of power consumption is only 1 degree, but it can cool the area of 100 square meters. Can also according to the workshop to select different types of air cooler. But in recent years and come out a large workshop cooling scheme, that is the cooling fan and industrial fan to cool, so you don't need to go air ducts, or in charge, only need to walk a few continuous network into indoor air conditioning, cold wind opportunity and big fan industry will stir up all the air conditioning, and blow upon the body will be very cool, so you can reach the effect of cooling. Big fan industrial coverage can reach 1400 square meters of area, but power consumption is 1. 5 degrees. The two large workshop cooling scheme do you know?
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