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Industry air cooler is an environment-friendly product without compressor and Freon, no pollution, the main component core is evaporative cooling pad. It uses the principle of outdoor fresh air evaporative cooling to cool down and indoor air convection ventilation to achieve indoor ventilation and cooling. Compared with the traditional compressor air conditioning system, the cost is less than half of air conditioning, and industry air cooler does not occupy any floor space. Its system is simple, easy to install and maintain, and does not require professional maintenance personnel. It reflects the characteristics of energy saving, humanity, beauty, environmental protection, etc. Industry air cooler provides perfect ventilation and cooling solution for the environment of electronics, textiles, shoes, plastics, machinery workshops, cigarette factories and so on.


Industry air cooler uses the principle of water evaporation cooling, air delivery distance is long and air volume is large, which makes the temperature distribution of the open-type place uniform and has a filtering function. Indoor environment is comfortable, oxygen content is high, air is fresh, and the traditional central air conditioner uses the Freon refrigeration directly, air volume is small, and the room temperature is not easy to be uniform. Ventilation function is poor, and it is not suitable for semi-enclosed places. If it is used for a long time, it is easy to get "air conditioning disease".

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