Industrial plant ventilation cooling to do? You must know this method

by:Xingke     2020-04-22
Industrial plant ventilation cooling what to do, you know? Believe that many companies will answer I don't know, because many companies are stumped by the problem, don't know how to solve this problem, indeed, without a good ventilation cooling equipment is not solve the ventilation cooling problem. One might say, how can not solve? Don't use air cooler is ok? But have you ever wondered how high is the cost of using air conditioning, in not many companies can afford it. And also can only cool air conditioning, ventilation effect is not good. The industrial plant ventilation cooling what should to do? To solve the problem of ventilation and cooling, and the cost is not high again? Really want to solve this problem is also very simple, there are several ways to solve can be solved, the first is to use environmental protection air conditioning ventilation cooling, because environmental protection air cooler cooling way is different, the cooling way is to the workshop into a large number of fresh air cooling to cool, to achieve the effect of ventilation and cooling. And only need to install 1 area of 100 square meters, 1 hour and 1 KWH of environmental protection air cooler. Second industrial plant ventilation cooling method, is the use of air conditioners and big fan industry combination, big fan industry to indoor air conditioning stir, delivered to every corner of the workshop, so you can more quickly solve the problem of ventilation and cooling, but also can solve many fees. These two kinds of ventilation and cooling plan did you know?
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