Industrial plant ventilation cooling in so doing, a cool summer cost is not high

by:Xingke     2020-04-22
Industrial plant ventilation cooling to do? This question actually see a lot of enterprise, want to cooling effect is good, need to afford the cost of, want to cost is low, but the cooling effect is not ideal, not cool, not cool workshop employees and mood, work efficiency is slow, also prone to accidents, it makes many enterprises call too difficult, now the boss is not easy. Internal and external to compete again, there is a problem difficult to solve. Today shenzhen chang will help you to solve industrial plant cooling ventilation problems. Want to solve this problem is not difficult, that is you didn't find the cooling equipment, have a kind of cooling equipment can easily solve this problem, the cooling equipment is water-cooled air cooler, it can solve the industrial plant cooling ventilation reason is because it is very save electricity. And it is the cause of the electricity savings, it is because of his cool way is to use water cooling. It USES 1 hour of electric power consumption is only 1 degree, but the temperature can reach 100 square meters, the area of the ventilation area, the same condition, save electricity than a fan. But the cooling effect is far more than the electric fan, can achieve lower 4-1 minutes 10 degrees cooling effect, with the cooling equipment, solving the problem of industrial plant ventilation cooling is not easily?
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