Industrial environmental protection air conditioning is not only used in the factory workshop, the same to the waiting room

by:Xingke     2020-04-20
Stasiun belakang industrial environmental protection air conditioning can't use? Passengers waiting time of place, LuoYi flow of people in the waiting room temperature and air quality is a big challenge. Now most of the waiting room with central air conditioning, but because of the personnel flow, waiting room cannot form a closed space, make the effect of the central air cooler, again because of a lack of air vents makes waiting room air quality declining, thus greatly affect the passengers have to mood. Use environmental protection air conditioning cooling, environmental protection air conditioning can be applied to open or half open place, at the same time will waiting room stale air emitted, increase air circulation. The station waiting room cooling solution plan 1: installation of industrial environmental protection air conditioning, ventilation and cooling processing to the waiting room. A: installing plugins industrial environmental protection air cooler ( Large air flow machine) Fan mode 3: installation of mobile air conditioners, located indoors and in a machine, big air volume air supply after installed industrial environmental protection air conditioning, greatly improving the waiting time of indoor air quality, and because of the low temperature of fresh air for injection, although cannot make waiting room to want to the low temperature central air conditioning, but it can make the passengers can have another special comfort. Not only near to environmentally friendly air-conditioned passenger station waiting, a little distance even passengers also have such choice.
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