Industrial cooling should be how to do? Do save money of cooling effect and better

by:Xingke     2020-04-21
Hot summer with temperature rising, the industrial plant cooling should be how to do? This problem has puzzled many enterprise. Distribution of high temperature allowance? That doesn't solve the fundamental problem. Or there will be many people because of the high temperature environment, causes the enterprise production is affected, the most obvious is slow work efficiency, quality of products, many enterprises will face can't find people, do not leave the phenomenon of people, this is many companies will happen. What the hell should choose what kind of industrial cooling measures? And want to solve the fundamental problem, industrial workshop cooling factory is to high temperature drop down. But want to be cool, there are also many problems, that is what should use the same cooling equipment, to solve this problem, the advantages of air cooler cooling effect is good, but also is very big also, that is the problem, the cost is the cost of using air conditioning many companies can't afford to, then what should use what kind of cooling equipment to solve this problem? In many plant cooling equipment, the vast majority of enterprises to choose the factory equipment, cooling is environmental protection air cooler, so many enterprises choose the cause of environmental protection air conditioning, because environmental protection air conditioning is not only very save electricity, and his cooling effect is very good also, environmental protection air conditioning, the cooling effect of he can achieve a minute by 4 ~ 10 degrees, and the cooling area of 100 square meters, only need a 1 hour 1 KWH environmental protection air conditioning. This is why many enterprises in the choice of industrial cooling, choose the cause of environmental protection air conditioning.
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