Industrial cooling fan since the loss rate is what concept?

by:Xingke     2020-04-11
Industrial cooling fan air volume became smaller in everyday use is a common problem, this is also the fact that iron, all brands of industrial air cooler is inevitable, is also all cooling fan manufacturers and users of the existence of common troubles. And the users, this phenomenon is a terrible experience, hard to avoid can let buyers into a circle of thinking in terms of quality by the price, can't believe that the product with high price of the product problems. But it is because there is no control in use good maintenance, cooling effect variation problem arises. Due to industrial cooling fan at run time, outdoor dust and impurities in the air will be cut off in the filter net, over time, too much dust impurities caused filter clogging, air duct is smaller, then this is the air cooler cooling effect after using for a long time to reduce the root of the problem. So good control of air cooler maintenance frequency is quite important. Proper maintenance, not only can reduce the damage probability of industrial cooling fan, and not prone to wind pressure is too low to cause over load operation of the fan and cause damage. But because of the difference of geographical position and using the environment, climate around the different weather, so we need according to the stand or fall of the external environment, decided to industrial air cooler maintenance frequency. Such as the vehicles and industrial emissions of dust, soot and other impurities more environment, need three days to five days to clean screen pack, the wet curtain for two to three months to wash again. And if the environment is more pure and fresh, with less dust in the air, you can once every three to June in the cleaning and maintenance.
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