I don't know what kind of industrial cooling equipment?

by:Xingke     2020-04-30
Industrial workshop cooling equipment in what is better? As small make up to tell you the industrial workshop cooling equipment should be how to choose, can only be more save worry. Industrial workshop: mainly labor-intensive, constant work sites, equipment, printing process to produce a strong odor. Plan 1: install the fan as industrial cooling water system equipment, increase the number of installed fan, mainly for the purpose of ventilated take a breath, for ventilation cooling processing plastic factory needs to improve the plant smells great, sultry two big problems, mainly for the purpose of exhaust air, negative pressure fan air volume is big, can strengthen the ventilation rate and air changes per hour, wet curtain installed at the same time can reduce the room temperature, increase the humidity of the air. Scheme 2: environmental protection air conditioning installation as industrial cooling equipment, can be added with negative pressure fan, improve air quality for the benefits of factory: 1, from the installation and cooling system, the cost of a lot of industrial workshop cooling equipment, compare common air conditioning and central air conditioning, whether it's environmental protection air conditioning or fan water, their cost is very low, only 25% of the central air conditioning - 40%. 2, will tell from the operating costs, the two schemes are extremely save electricity. Under the equivalent factory district area, power consumption is only about 1/8 of the central air conditioning. After 3, equipment installation, plant air quality before and not installed before stands in stark contrast, this can enhance the work efficiency of the employees also will enhance employees' sense of belonging, the benefit of factory is on a big step. Clothing factory workshop: to solve the key in the whole cooling, cooling and ventilation effect. Plan 1: environmental protection air conditioning, installation of plant ventilation cooling treatment. Installation method one: environmental protection air conditioning to blow model environmental protection air cooler installation method 2: environmental protection air conditioning with negative pressure fan installation 3: go environmental protection air cooler duct installation environmental protection air conditioning to factory there are two kinds of design methods, cooling installation is a kind of environmental protection air conditioning to cool the whole space; Go is a kind of environmental protection air conditioning installation duct work advanced cooling; Clothing factory employees generally processing area personnel are concentrated, so most of the environmental protection air conditioning the industrial workshop cooling equipment, the whole way to ventilation, cooling, save investment cost and operation cost and to the whole area ventilation cooling, effect is obvious. Scheme 2: install the fan cooling system, water to wet curtain cooling ventilation cooling processing factory to cooperate with negative pressure fan, in the design, need to pay attention to the design of negative pressure fan installation, sets, installation location; The area of the wet curtain is calculated according to the installation area, can generally a 1 square meters of water tube to the area of 30 square cooling effect; Environmental protection air conditioning the industrial workshop cooling equipment cooling effect is obvious, for the overall cooling, but if you want to reach the effect, on both sides of the installation site must open the window, the span of plant is not higher than 25 meters, meet this several requirements, this scheme can achieve better application effect.
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