High temperature workshop location cooling equipment to do?

by:Xingke     2020-04-14
Do you know which high temperature cooling equipment shop location? Station cooling equipment is to be able to at each work station staff cooling cooling equipment, electric fans will be able to do this, and many enterprises are using cooling equipment, but in the high temperature in the workshop, using the electric fan cooling effect is not good, because the electric fan can only make the workshop, the effect of the air flow is not able to reduce the temperature, high temperature may also be the blow the heat. But air conditioning and do not post air supply, there is no high temperature cooling equipment shop location? But there is another station cooling equipment, that is, environmental protection air conditioning, environmental protection air conditioning can not only achieve the overall cooling effect, also be able to shop air supply, this is designed for different workshop. Just need to go inside duct in the workshop, and then on the duct in the face of each post staff air supply. So you can can solve the cooling problem. And environmental protection air conditioning cooling effect is better than electric fan, can reduce the 4-1 minute 10 degrees, and the need is not high also, need only 1 KWH 1 hours, and the cooling area can reach 100 square meters, this is air cooler, the advantages of environmental protection in such a low cost, also can design post air supply scheme, such as high temperature workshop location cooling equipment do you like?
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