High building cooling scheme that you must know

by:Xingke     2020-04-14
High building cooling scheme should choose what kind of, do you know? Actually large factories want to cool high is very difficult, because the area of the high building is usually very big, and the floor is very high, the space is large means that the problem of cooling is big also, and steel structure workshop, roof and absorption of heat, air cooler and electric fan is bad, the inside of the workshop temperature reached 37, 8 degrees, even 40 degrees, it is very normal. Is there a high building cooling scheme can solve the problem? In fact, you now have a cooling scheme can solve the question, the cooling scheme is to use big fan industry combined with water-cooled air conditioning, cool new for tall plant, and the cost is also very low. This scheme of high building cooling cooling, is to use water cooled air cooler will be a lot of cold air into the indoor, and then by industrial big fan will air agitation, the air conditioning to every corner of the workshop, and a lot of cold wind blowing in the human body, quickly to take away human body heat, big fan industrial cooling area biggest can reach 1400 square meters, but the power consumption is only 1 hour. 5 degrees. The power consumption and environmental protection air cooler is only 100 square meters 1 hour 1 KWH. To solve the cooling problem already so, at the same time be able to save costs.
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