Factory how to open the doors and Windows can also solve the problem of plant cooling

by:Xingke     2020-04-19
Drive how to solve the problem of plant cooling workshop to open the door? This is a lot of enterprises in a headache problem. Many industry workshop indoor pollution is very heavy, is not only high temperature hot, there are such as dust, lampblack and peculiar smell. Here recommend a cooling discharge plant cooling equipment of air that is vitiated, polluted, at the same time. Industrial cooling fan as industry of new cooling equipment, widely used in various industries of workshop, high temperature workshop, the workshop office, food and so on various types of sites. For a variety of industries to solve open shop can not find suitable cooling equipment problems. Traditional air cooler is well known, has the good cooling effect, but with high operation cost, at the same time the use of strict environmental requirements for many enterprises at sigh. And the general cooling fan, not without a good cooling effect, is the use of the humidity. Air cooler than any other plant cooling equipment, advantage is low energy and comfort cooling effect. At the same time, due to the cooling fan is positive pressure air supply way, thus can be filtered air to the indoor, within the workshop on the purification of the environment play a minor role, discharge lampblack, dust and other foul air, improve the workshop environment, let employees work in a healthy and pure and fresh environment.
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