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by:Xingke     2020-06-28
Enginemates Heat Transfer Pvt Ltd fits various industrial sectors like refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants therefore forth. Enginemates has excelled in the domain of offering complete heat transferring solutions. Our immaculate product selection includes Air Fin Cooler, Air Cooled Heat Exchanger, Wire Wound Oil Cooler/Intercoolers, Aluminum Brazed Oil Cooler, Aerofoil Axial Fans, Oil Cooler Assembly, Coal Bed Methane Cooler, Compressed Gas Cooler, Quench Cooler, Acoustic Enclosures, Console Panel, Process Coolers, Aluminum Radiator, Engine Radiators, Hydraulic Fuel Tank, Aluminum Finned Tubes, Metal Air Fin Cooler, Plug Air Fin Cooler, Compressor Gas Cooler and Radiator Assembly. Enginemates uses high grade raw materials to manufacture the products including Carbon Steel, Stainless steel and Aluminium. Each product is customized giving individual awareness of each customer's requirements. we manufacture a large variety of air cooled coolers for cooling different mediums like Oil, Water, Air, Gas and Hydrocarbons. The heat exchanger manufactured by us are of countless sizes as well as using variety of materials like copper, steel, brass and aluminum. All these air cooled coolers are custom designed as per customer specification for heat transfer and size. we been recently manufacturing air cooled coolers for over 3 decades now. We have 5 manufacturing plants in India; 2 in Mumbai, 2 in Pondicherry and 1 in Dharward, Karnataka. our heat transfer solution are comprehensive which normally includes the variety of cooler and radiator assembly complete with axial fans and properties. We are also an Active Member of warmth Transfer Research Inc. (HTRI) and hold U Stamp, R Stamps. And TUV certifications. Our products includes Sheet Metal Fabrications, Oil Coolers, Process Coolers etc. Our customer depends upon us for total heat transfer solution. As part of our service provide you with along with heat transfer, the mechanical and structural design also which are critical for larger installations. Design Capability: All heat exchangers supplied by us always be qualitative resulting our advanced design data and field experience more than 30 years in the concept of Heat Transfer. We have indigenously developed heat designs code to perfectly complement the heat transfer design. Our recent inclusion as member of HTRI as well as the use regarding their software and databank to fine-tune and enhance our design capabilities, give us a formidable technology cutting tool. Our R&D facility in Pondichery is supported by the technical aid from IIT, Chennai, validating design and new prototype creativity. Manufacturing Facility : Our vegetation is equipped with CNC machines for high production rates and repeatability. Finning requirements for heat exchangers are met by world class finning makers.
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