Don't know what to cool the workshop workshop workshop cooling equipment?

by:Xingke     2020-05-01
Burning hot summer, choose what kind of workshop workshop cooling equipment, to solve the difficulties in cooling ventilation workshop is better? In fact many companies don't know how to choose, because the cooling equipment is available in the market too much. Have air cooler, fan, suction fan, environmental air-conditioning, wet curtain, industry big fan cooling equipment, etc. But when a lot of enterprises are to cool the workshop, will need cost into consideration. Installation cost, use cost, etc. At the same time, to the effect of cooling. Actually said to use which workshop workshop cooling equipment, workshop of this according to the different situation, to choose different workshop workshop cooling equipment, the use of the general cooling equipment is environmental protection air conditioning. Environmental protection air cooler can overall cooling, down the temperature of the whole workshop. Can also supply air cooling for local post, in indoor air duct, only need to cool cool. To save the cost of cooling. If it is a few large workshop need cooling, workshop building big fan cooling equipment can choose environmental protection air conditioning industry, these two kinds of cooling equipment used in combination. Large industrial workshop because the space is large, so you can use the environmental protection air conditioning will be cold air flowing into indoor, and then again by industrial big fan will be cold air delivered to every corner of the indoor. So that it can achieve rapid cooling effect.
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