Don't know steel structure factory building cooling solution in which good? Cool experts tell you

by:Xingke     2020-04-29
Burning hot summer, many enterprises will have a workshop sultry phenomenon, especially steel structure workshop, the summer is very hot. So many companies are looking for a good steel structure factory building cooling solution. Steel structure workshop is generally high, the space is very large. Combined with a tin roof steel structure factory building, the roof is to absorb heat, making workshop temperature hotter than outside, so I don't know how to solve. Actually say to the steel structure factory building cooling solutions, there are two kinds of good cooling effect, and low cost of cooling schemes, 1 kind is to use environmental protection air cooler cooling, the environmental protection air conditioning installed on the roof, and indoor air duct walking into a lot of air cooling, cooling effect. Or is installed in the side wall, move from the side wall pipe, the cold air flowing into the interior, to achieve the effect of cooling. There is a steel structure factory building cooling solution, also need to use environmental protection air conditioning, but also need 1 kind of cooling equipment, that is big fan industry. The role of environmental protection air cooler is to a large number of cold air into the indoor, then big fan industry will be a lot of cold air agitation, send the cold wind to every corner of the workshop, the effect of cooling and ventilation. Solve the problem of plant cooling.
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