Don't know money saving workshop ventilation cooling engineering you want

by:Xingke     2020-04-29
Many companies will be in the summer for the workshop ventilation cooling, ventilation cooling engineering has many factories and workshop will do one thing, but do you know? If choose the workshop ventilation cooling engineering can save a lot of money oh, do you know how to choose. Small make up today will tell you how to choose to save money. Workshop ventilation cooling engineering actually has a lot of, wet curtain installation of negative pressure fan, suction fan, environmental protection air cooler, first tell me about negative pressure fan, while negative pressure fan is cheaper, but the cooling effect is not good, because the negative pressure fan can only do will indoor air discharge, only can achieve the effect of ventilation. And although suction fan and wet curtain cooling effect will be better, the wind from the wet curtain by temperature decreases a little, but the service life of the damp curtain is not long, exposed to the outside of the damp curtain is easy to have a lot of easy to collapse, but also more troublesome, easy to drop. Is behind the most environmental protection air conditioning, environmental protection air conditioning also adopt evaporation cooling water cooling principle, there are four wet curtain, but the outside of the environmental protection air cooler has eight pieces of filter, so that it can prolong the service life, environmental protection air cooler inside the blades will be cold air into the indoor, so that it can reach the effect of cooling and ventilation. And can achieve lower 4-1 minutes The 10 degrees. And environmental protection air conditioning normal service life can reach more than a decade, it is saving money, cooling effect and good ventilation cooling engineering workshop?
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