Don't know how to design good summer workshop cooling scheme? Smart people are optional

by:Xingke     2020-04-30
Are you still in because they don't know how to solve the problem of factory ventilation cooling and trouble? In fact, many enterprises have the problem, although can solve workshop cooling scheme is very much in summer. But can meet many enterprises are very few. Many companies on the workshop ventilation, cooling will cost calculations required and specific cooling effect. To select the suitable plant cooling scheme. But many companies don't know how to choose more. In fact many also want summer workshop cooling scheme, is to be able to solve workshop cooling problem, at the same time, the cost of cooling is not high. Many companies are using these two summer workshop cooling scheme, using environmental protection air conditioning, there is also a big fan of using environmental protection air conditioning and industrial cooling scheme. These two kinds of cooling scheme is used in different factory workshop. If it is normal to workshop, usually use environmental protection air conditioning cooling whole, or post air cooling. It can choose according to different environment, different cooling scheme, save more. Environmental protection air conditioning cooling costs for 1 hour only 1 KWH. The cooling effect can achieve lower 4 - quickly 10 degrees. And another summer workshop cooling scheme, is to use big fan industry and environmental protection air cooler, is used in large industrial plant cooling ventilation. Big fan industry giant fan, environmental protection air conditioning cold wind will be quickly sent to every corner of the workshop. To quickly reduce the temperature effect of the plant.
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