Don't know how to cool high temperature workshop? Teach you a move easily solve the cooling problem

by:Xingke     2020-04-13
How cool the hot summer, the high temperature workshop, this problem has been plagued by many enterprises. Don't know what is the low cost of cooling methods, both to solve the problem of plant cooling, at the same time need can afford the expenses. Traditional air conditioning is a kind of many companies can not afford to use the cooling equipment. And low cost electric fan though use, but the cooling effect is not ideal, can't meet the needs of cooling. So it is trouble. How cool the problem for high temperature workshop, actually also is not very difficult, there is a plant cooling equipment is to be able to easily solve the problem, that is cooling fan. Because of the air cooler cooling power is very little you need. 1 hour to cool the area of 100 square meters, also need only 1 KWH. Can be said to be the province electricity than a fan. But his cooling effect can be achieved, reduce 4-1 minutes The effect of 10 degrees. With such cooling equipment also sorrow cannot solve the factory ventilation cooling problem? There are two kinds of general factory ventilation cooling scheme. Cool is a whole, is a local post air supply. In order to be able to meet the different workshop cooling problem. More researchers, scattered with whole cooling. Researchers focus, with the local post air supply. Do you know how to cool high temperature workshop now? If you have a cool shop. You can contact us.
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