Air Cooled Heat Exchangers Manufacturer India

by:Xingke     2020-06-15
Air cooled heat Exchangers are same In the Functions of Finned Tube Heat Exchanger. Example, and many of Heat Exchangers are Specially included in Large Quantity cooling Requirements. We are main Suppliers Air cooled Heat Exchangers for Oil Refineries and Process Fluid Cooling. Types of Air cooled Heat Exchangers: 1. Forced Draft ACHE 2. Induced Draft ACHE 1. Forced Draft ACHE The most economical and over common style air cooler, the forced draft ACHE, uses axial fans to just make air across the fin tube bundle. Followers are positioned below the bundle thus not exposing the mechanical sections to your hot exhaust airflow. The forced draft air cooler also simplifies future plant expansion via direct associated with bundle for replacement. Structural disassembly is not required. 2. Induced Draft ACHE The second most economical and most common style air cooler may be the induced draft ACHE. This design uses axial fans to pull air home buyers fin tube bundle. The fans are positioned above the bundle thus offering greater control from the process fluid and bundle protection outcome of the additional structure. Lower noise levels at grade are another benefit. The induced draft air cooler does require some structural disassembly if bundle replacement is mandated. Types of Air cooled Heat Exchanger Design 1. Counter-Current Flow 2. Co-Current Flow 3. Cross-Current Flow 4. Standards in our finned tube heat Exchangers 1. Counter-Current Flow From Our Supply, This is the more common in difficult . industry, It cools the latest fluid using warmest air, and the coldest fluid with the coldest sky. In other words, incorporate different marketing methods fluid enters the heat exchanger and passes using the finned tubes at finest of the bundle. 2. Co-Current Flow This flow pattern is usually used in processes with critical pour points because it provides the highest outlet process temperature control since look at the lowest efficiency. In this particular pattern the ambient air cools the greatest fluid, along with the hottest air attempts for cooling the coldest fluid. The shaded arrows to correct way illustrate this flow appearance. Our all air coolers are intended to Sect. VIII of the ASME Code, As per pressure vessels Norms. We follow API 661 Standards (Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers for General Refinery Service) For refinery and petrochemical services most customers include. Also, These include such items as galvanizing vs. painting, types of headers, maintenance walkways and platforms, controls, and external loads for the cooler. Also We follows Standards in Heat Exchanger Constructions. We are the leading manufacturers of Air Cooled heat exchangers in India. Air cooled heat exchangers offer many unique features, such as: variable-pitch fan hubs, 2-speed motors, galvanized or stainless construction, maintenance walkways, and other special features required for your specific application.
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