2000 square meters workshop cooling equipment is the chosen

by:Xingke     2020-05-02
2000 square meters workshop cooling equipment with what is better, to shop there are a lot of cooling equipment, but many cooling equipment are flawed, not cooling effect is not good, is cool because of the high cost, many enterprises can not afford. And 2000 square meters workshop to cool, not just for the workshop area is too big air does not flow, so to solve the problems of the workshop ventilation, it's more difficult. Really want to solve the problem of 2000 square meters workshop cooling, cooling equipment can be easily solved with workshop, the workshop cooling equipment is environmental protection air cooler, using environmental protection air cooler cooling water absorbs a large amount of heat from the air, cooling time will be a lot of cold air into the indoor cooling effect. Because they do not need to use the compressor, in the process of cooling only motor, so 1 hour power consumption need only 1 KWH, can to cool the area of 100 square meters. And a lot of cold air into the workshop, will workshop original hot, with a breath of air outdoor, make indoor full of fresh air, to achieve the effect of ventilation. And can according to different workshop, design different workshop cooling scheme, the cooling effect is better, at the same time the cooling cost of cooling, has such a workshop cooling equipment, solve workshop cooling problem not easily?
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